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Profession Fields and Job Fields

Choosing a career can be exhausting especially if we are not aware of the main drawbacks as well as benefits of a certain job. Profession fields aim to provide the public with a detailed insight into different domains that offer the chance to perfect our skills as well as to evolve on the social scale. The infinite range of jobs all have distinctive and signature qualities that help them occupy a certain position on the employment market. Indeed in order to benefit of a prosperous occupation both when it comes of finances and experience it is paramount to have a thorough analysis of the possibilities.

Both those who are rookies in choosing a profession as well as others who decided to change their actual career for something that is more inspiring as well as productive, should adopt an optimistic attitude and set their most important objectives. Besides enriching our information about the different profession fields it is also important to make a detailed self-analysis and bring the best decision according to these factors. The key to perfect our job search skills is to know the essential phases of preparation for a certain occupation, including both theory and also practice.


Profession Fields

Types of Profession Fields

Thinking on a larger scale when it comes of job search, is one of the great tips of professionals. The main occupation categories imply a multitude of professions.

If you have some general knowledge of these fields as well as the necessary skills and experience, you'll be able to choose from the the specialized jobs from medical, engineering, fashion and other domains. One of the ideal means to widen your perspectives is to skim through the repertoire of occupation field types for some inspiration.

Arts and Communication: This is one of the domains that necessitates a thorough preparation done in specialized schools that aim to develop the talent for music, painting as well as sculpture.

Those who are eager to immerse into the field of fine arts will have the chance to choose from the main professions that are covered by the general term of 'artists'. In the case of communication the most popular professions include that of advertising managers as well as creative writing and event management.

Computer Science: Those who are involved in the technical and information science will be thrilled to find the rich array of professions that are available in the industry. Undoubtedly with the appropriate knowledge of programming and computer functioning it will be possible to find at least one attractive occupation from: computer system analyst,computer programming as well as software engineering.

Education:Those who are proud of having a degree in education will be pleased to find that there's no need to become necessarily teachers in order to take advantage of their studies. 'Therapist' is the general term used for those who offer students and children the possibility to improve their musical, reading, speech as well as learning skills. Those who decided upon having career in primary education can choose from the different day care, nursery school and public schools that offer the chance to polish their abilities and gather experience.  

Social Sciences: People who are keen to analyze and study the behavior of people as well as society and culture will most certainly tend to choose the social science profession field. Indeed this domain lines up a multitude of occupations as: social work, sociology, law, psychology,political science as well as social anthropology. These jobs offer the chance to be in contact with people and observe the issues and events that can influence our daily life.  

This brief introduction present only some of the main profession fields available on the employment market. Those who are interested to find out more details and information on certain domains will be mostly welcomed to skim through the different categories separately in the following articles.

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